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Activate a Competitive Strategy

What Do We Do?

Project based initiatives

A defined start and end. Your business will know the goal we are achieving with you and the costs associated.

Growth potential

What is low hanging fruit that you can capitalize on today to see the best results in the short or long term?

Streamlining operations

Technology has simplified many processes today. Leaning into technology to help tedious work become simple and streamlined.

How do we work together?

  1. We start with a Discovery Meeting to ensure we will work well together
  2. Creative Thinking Process – find the opportunity
  3. Problem Solving & Definitions – scope the plan
  4. Decision Making & Plan Execution – activate the plan
  5. Reviewing Results & Measuring Future Expectations – review the plan forward

    History of Down Field Consulting

    Down Field Consulting was created to corporately collect value from our client(s) successes, savings, wins and event expenses. Down Field Consulting arranges flexible payment terms for services rendered. It is always worth it.

    Developing a competitive strategic vision is fun. Down Field Consulting holds experience in commerce, lending, and member centric organizations. Be intentional and purpose driven on your vision. Focus on what you can do. Put your best plan forward. Compete fairly. Break.


    Tackling difficult challenges together is fulfilling. Jointly receiving monetary value for the effort is even better. It is always worth it.


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    Project Based Initiatives

    Project Based Initiatives

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